Summer Hill Kennels Ltd would like to introduce the

best quality dog box available in the UK.

​The Daison dog box is made from the best materials available with 30 mm thick uPvc walls with a dense expanded polystyrene core for maximum insulation value.

It's designed to last a lifetime with the best grade aluminium frame and stainless steel fixtures which can be dissembled as many times as you wish.

  • The box comes with a forest green exterior with bark effect texture to look natural in its surroundings and has a calming smooth beige internal finish which can be pressure washed with ease.

  • It has a fully removable sloping lid with stainless steel handles which is secured in place by stainless steel side fixings to provide easy access for cleaning.

  • The floor is non-slip and is uniquely fully insulated to enable your dog to create a warm place to nestle down without the needs of any other beds.

  • There is also a stainless steel vent with a mesh insect mesh cover.

  • The removable internal draft screen gives the benefit of allowing the dog a further secluded and cosy area inside.

  • To allow you the option to keep your dog inside the box the sliding steel mesh door can be secured from the outside which is essential for dogs who “kennel run” or after feeding so can be calmed safely and securely.

The Daison Kennel Box comes in 3 sizes. They are supported off the ground on sturdy aluminium legs.

  1. LARGE : 1.2m wide x 0.75m deep x 0.75m high : £400 inc VAT, ex works.

  2. X LARGE : 1.5m wide x 0.75m deep x 0.75m high :  £500 inc VAT, ex works
  3. JUMBO : 1.5m wide x 0.9m deep x 0.9m high : £600 inc VAT, ex works

All kennels come fully assembled but can be taken apart as all panels use Stainless steel engineered screws and aluminium sockets to bolt together. Erection can be done by two people easily in 15mins. An internal silicon bead (not supplied ) completes the best available insulated environment for your dog.

For all enquiries please contact us at the office on 01270 620225 or email us HERE